What Comes First, the Creative or the Offer?

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The Answer isn't so simple...

For the user, it’s definitely the eye-catching creatives they see first. But, if you are the advertiser, you’re probably far more concerned by the offer. An affiliate’s duty is to unify both and create a combination of banners, pre-land ads, and a final landing page that drive traffic to the offer. From there, monetization is key and thats the part DatingLeads.com is specialised in.

Building the Creatives

Visually attractive banners require testing. There is a large amount of value taken from user experiences.

Some questions to consider:

·       Is the banner or pre-lander attention-grabbing?

·       Does the creative make sense for the GEO? Example, are you being culturally appropriate?

·       Is the creative clear, concise, and readable to the audience?

·       Does the color scheme make sense with its surrounding?

·       Do you have the right to use these elements?

Research what works and then continue testing it. Don’t recreate the wheel over and over again, just go ahead and modify your templates slightly for each new launch. Gain feedback through testing, tweak, repeat.

Back-end Conversions

Don’t bore your users to death! Keep them engaged and moving through your sales pipeline. This is a long-game with some serious strategy involved. Be sure to consider the following when optimizing your conversion rates:

·       Are you doing split testing on offers to compare results?

·       Do you have repeat elements in your funnel? If so, delete before boredom sets in.

·       Do you have tools embedded into your code to gather user intel? Tracking behavior is important.

Winning landing pages can easily become saturated. Be sure to have your next winning page tested and ready to launch. Successful affiliates stay ahead by regularly rebranding. Your front-end quality and back-end quality must be in harmony. Be sure to keep users excited by your visuals and then also engaged by your offer so they spend plenty of time within your funnel and are retained properly.