Why should Dating Affiliates connect to our API?

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Why should Dating Affiliates connect to our API?

As we all know, pushing traffic to the right dating offer can be a tricky beast. It’s an ever-growing competitive market! Now more than ever we need to find ways to stay ahead of the curve by diversifying our strategies on how and where we push traffic, not to mention doing this while securing your ROI! One answer is utilising API Connections. How and why can you do this with DatingLeads’s dating offers?  

 You may be wondering… what exactly is an API? The word API stands for Application Programming Interface, the textbook definition “is a set of tools that enables different software programs to connect and communicate with each other mainly using data interchange”. In short, allowing two different systems to talk to each other. So how and why is this relevant to your campaigns with DatingLeads? 


How does it work? DatingLeads will send you some simple API Documentation detailing how to send us the traffic. This document outlines the simple steps on the implementation that will have to be made to enable you to send the data needed. Not a hard egg to crack for even the newest developers, with simple and precise instructions.  
After implementation, you will be able to send API “Requests”, essentially allowing our systems to talk to one another. The API requests ask the question from your system to ours “Do you already have this user?”, using some outlined criteria such as email address, we are quickly able to see if the user has already signed up to the DatingLeads platform, and provide you with an answer in only a couple of seconds.  
What can you do with this information? The great thing about sending the API Request ahead of sending the user is that you can use the information instead of blindly sending leads. Effectively, your request will be met with approval or rejection.  For instance, If we do indeed reply to your request with a rejection then you can send the lead elsewhere! Instead of wasting the precious lead and sending it to an offer they are already a member of, you can send it elsewhere. Ensuring you are making the best you of the lead helping ROI grow to new heights.  


Of course, if the lead is accepted the beautiful thing is, as we already have the user information as provided by the request we can send them directly to the member’s area allowing the user to enjoy the product straight away and start spending some cash instead of hitting an additional lander for example. We thrive to accept as much as possible our end, if the user is already in one of our offers our system will automatically send requests to all our offers we work with ensuring a high acceptance rate as possible.  


Make things simple with your own flow! You read right, your own flow. As you would be providing the necessary user data within the API request, we can make sure the user hits the members area directly! This allows you to create a flow that is specifically designed and optimized for you and your traffic. Ensuring the CTR go through the roof with your custom flow. No longer will you have to work with creatives that are based on the average, your flow, and your way!  


API implementation is the answer! Get the most out of your traffic! Squeeze what you can from your leads, instead of simply accepting the fact that repeat users will not be paid for, make sure you use every lead you have worked so hard for. Use the Rejections best you can and send them on to the next best product! Design a sweet flow that suits your traffic exactly, custom-built for you! Take Control! 


What is the next step? We encourage you to contact any of our Affiliate Managers today! Ask them what traffic is suitable for API, get the API documentation, and get to work on your own flow which they will be happy to advise on. What you waiting for?