Why you should be using Email Passing and One-Click Flow Landers TODAY!

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Email Passing and One-Click Flow LANDERS

Email marketing and using the emails of the end-user while marketing is one of the most popular and most effective ways to generate that sweet ROI. Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing for a reason and is a technique used globally by all the biggest brands of today. An ordinary person can check their email about 20 times a day!! So what is the best way to stand out against the crowd and grab a hold of the competitive advantage in such a flooded field? The answer is making sure you make full use of every click by ensuring that Conversion Rate (CR) is as high as it can be, we can do this by utilizing EMAIL PASSING!

What is EMAIL PASSING, and how can you make full use of it with your Dating traffic? The DatingLeads team has deployed certain tracking links that enable you as a marketeer to pass the email address of the user within one of the tracking link parameters. To comply with local privacy laws we offer full encryption services and will ask the end user to confirm the use of his e-mail address. DatingLeads is able to take this information from the tracking link, meaning that there is no need to re-ask the user after they hit the lander for their email address.  

You might be asking yourself, what use is there to pass the email within the tracking link? Simply the answer is, killer CR. Datingleads have developed fantastic “One Click Flow” landers which only require the user to click once on the lander agreeing with the account creation and use of his e-mail address within our services, allowing the flow to be super easy for the user. Why play the risk on using landers with regular multi-step landers and losing those precious clicks? Nowadays the consumer is looking for the easiest flow, you can now get rid of the need of these super time-consuming landers.  

The Datingleads team ran internal tests and we found in some instances that results were more than 4 times more effective when using the 1 click flow compared to using regular landers. Which makes sense, why give the end-user more work to convert and fill out their details when 1 click will do the job elsewhere?

So, which traffic sources can make use of this amazing flow?!? This technique isn’t only available to email marketing affiliate Wizz kids but also to anyone that is able to make full use of their email list or subscription list they have. If you can pass the emails of your users within a banner AD within your member’s area, for instance, use this flow! Why require the user to fill in more information than they need to when you already have it. Make the flow as easy as possible and make full use of that great CR!

What should you do next? Ask your Affiliate Manager for the 1 Clicks Flow Landers along with the user guide on how best to use them. Along with any questions you might have, please feel free to ask away!